Photobooth to the Next Level

Polite in Public has taken the hipster hobby of photoboothing [not sure if that's an actual term] to an entirely new level.  The photos are incredibly vibrant - not your typical photobooth stuff.  Notcot has a long post here.  An excerpt below and some photos after that ...

So what goes into these photobooths that creates such a glamourous lookfrom what can often be quite the crazy party? Well, their services start at a mere $2500, which includes a custom made backdrop, onsite 5x7 dye-sub printing, onsite slide show, and web hosting for all images. If you’re like me, the first thing you wonder is “how do they clean up the images so incredibly and still manage to have onsite printing and slide shows?”… well they have spent a year developing custom software and hardware that helps them complete the finishing work for each image in near realtime. The average file goes through 40-50 changes before being printed and exported for the slideshow and web viewing. All image filters and lighting designs are custom developed for each project.