Jay-Z to Launch Label with Apple

JayzWhen Jay-Z famously rapped, "I'm not a businessman / I'm a business, man," he was not lying ...

Mr. Carter is already the the "best rapper alive" [according to him], the master of the Roc-A-Fella empire, the proprietor of the ever-expanding 40/40 club and a new hotel chainBudweiser pitch man, and, until recently, the head of Def Jam Records.

Now there are unconfirmed reports today that he and Apple are about to embark on some kind of joint venture.

Jay-Z is simply one of the greatest marketers and businessmen of our generation.  Why has he done so well?  It's really simple ... he is one of the greatest rappers of our generation.  He is the rare combination of steak and sizzle.  Of style and substance.

I suspect he will remain relevant for as long as he chooses.