What's Your Uniform?

On at least two  occasions [here, here] I've written about the necktie as a very simple, yet effective differentiator.  Now David Granger, Editor in Chief at Esquire Magazine, is singing a similar tune.  Granger writes [full post here]:

This fall, after 18 months of going without a tie, it started toseem appropriate to wear nothing but white shirts and dark ties under a dark jacket adorned with the thin stripe of a white pocket square in the breast pocket. Every day.

The first thing about this choice was how much it simplifies one's life. White shirt, dark tie every day. No thought required.

The second thing is that everyone notices. Everyone. The word women use is sharp. Or dapper. Or fantastic. They often touch your shoulder or lay their hand on your forearm. Men tell you you look "great," and they say it with something like puzzlement or suspicion. As though you're pulling something on them.

Granger refers to the notion of wearing a daily uniform.  For the last few years I've preached this idea ... that consistency and continuity in your wardrobe are (1) reassuring to those around you (2) a simple way to make a statement - albeit somewhat superficial - about who you are and (3) is much easier [and cheaper]!

So, what's your uniform?