The Journey of Sean Aiken

Interesting article in the NYT about a young man called Sean Aiken [read article here].  Sean, like many others of his generation, is trying to find his path in life.  He has decided to try one new job every week, for 52 weeks.  He has turned his search into something we can all follow on his blog.

The idea itself is ... eh, I've seen better.  But what struck me was how professional and well-produced his blog is.  The video quality is strong.  He's got sponsors [!].  He has a section dedicated to all the media attention he's received. 

The finale of the NYT article perfectly captures my thoughts ...

Mr. Aiken’s life work might well turn out to be the marketing of Sean Aiken.

As a French psychologist wrote on Mr. Aiken’s blog: “He has in effect created a new business, he is a ‘Sean — the-vocation-searcher.’ It is a job that only one applicant can fit and is made up of all the skills and talents of Sean. The best way to involve all your skills in your job is to create a job made of all your skills — instead of trying to fit in an existing and traditional one. Sean is now the hero of a quest turned into an adventure.”

One can already envision the book. And the reality show. And the Sean Aiken line of luggage.