From Transaction to Experience


Cintra Wilson of the New York Times gives us a piece today [full article here] about a fashion boutique in NYC called Edit. In Wilson's words ...

"Edit gives back something you didn’t know you missed, but once rediscovered, you wonder how you ever lived without: A retail environment that vibrates with the coherent harmonies of its own, um, intelligent design (for lack of a better term). It’s as much art installation as boutique, in that it provides a little vacation in someone else’s well-lighted consciousness. A golden thread connects every choice in Edit, from the paint on the walls to the cashmere opera gloves, joining everything together with the balanced tension, delicacy and natural genius of a spider web."

To me the is all about shopping as an experience, rather than just a transaction.  Sounds a bit like Colette.  I am a sucker for an engaging and different retail experience.  This is the kind of store I would [1] like to shop in for my wife [2] like to shop in for myself if they had menswear.