Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

My friend, Geoff [I would insert a link to his blog here but despite talking about it for a year, he hasn't yet started one] sent me this.  It's a link to the Wikipedia entry for Super Mario Bros: The Lost Level.  Here's a snippet ...

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, known in Japan as Super Mario Bros. 2 (スーパーマリオブラザーズ2 Sūpā Mario Burazāzu 2?), is a video game produced by Nintendo, first released in Japan on June 3, 1986 for the Famicom Disk System. The game is very similar to Super Mario Bros.,both graphically and in terms of gameplay, and is generally considered to be one of the most difficult video games of all time. Because of the game's difficulty level and its similarity to the first Super Mario Bros., Nintendo originally decided not to release it in the United States.

He also asked me to mention the following as part of this post:  "If you post this, I fully expect you to mention the comment you made to me in 1986 while playing the game at my mom's apartment on Wellington: 'I want to get so rich that I can make my own, life-size Mario Brothers world.'"   Wow, I was quite the dreamer [or idiot, depending on how you look at it]!