Only 1,700 Claim "Million Little Pieces" Refund

According to an AP story [full text here] only about 1,700 people asked to be reimbursed for James Frey's "A Million Little Pieces" - which Frey admitted to be full of fiction.  Either everyone is lazy; the amount of the refund wasn't worth the trip to the store; or - and I suspect this is the case - nobody really cares if it's true [well, besides Oprah and about 1,699 others].

I hope Frey's next book, "Bright Shiny Morning," is a best-seller.  Not because I'm a fan of his work [I never read "A Million Little Pieces"].  Rather, because I thought a lot of high-and-mighty talking heads made Frey out to be a criminal of epic proportions.  What is it about glass houses?  I would love a peak at the tax returns for every commentator who chided Frey for lying ... think I'd find any inconsistencies on par with Frey's bending of the truth?