My Simple Rule for PowerPoint

There are many people out there who have given far more thought and consideration to the "art" of creating an effective PowerPoint presentation. 

I've seen some lovely and compelling presentations in my day.  But in most cases, the person who writes the deck is either a trained designer or has the benefit of working with one on the look and feel.

For those of us without design training, and who are under tremendous time constraints to churn out decks on nearly a daily basis ... I've been trying lately to discipline myself to stick to the basic template below.  My thinking is that if I can't fit what I have to say into a 3"x4" text box [16 point font] I'm probably over-complicating my idea.  A simple title that actually helps tell the story as the presentation progresses.  An "A Ha!" box that is meant to highlight the main implication of the text box.  And finally, one illustrative image.

Picasso?  No.  Simple, effective and disciplined?  Yes.