Sony Bravia Bunny Ad a Rip Off?

OK, let's see ... My friend Geoff sent me quite a note today about a storm brewing over the new Sony Bravia Bunny ad [it was very well written, but as I considered printing it verbatim, I remembered that I have colleagues and clients who read this blog - and Geoff's language was rather ... well, blue].

To quip Geoff's note ...

Despite a far more beautiful (and original) track to Sony Bravia’s original epic, “Balls,” (the tune is called “Heartbeats” by Jose Gonzalez and was so good I started hunting for his every recording), I was the only person alive who found the ad kinda dumb – a kaliedescope of bouncy balls hitting the streets of SF? Everyone else in the world loved it. Awards were bestowed. And Juan Cabral quickly became the most celebrated creative in advertising.

Then came the Sony Bravia “Paint” ad. Again, I didn’t get it. But everyone else loved it. Weeeee. Gallons and gallons of different colored paint shot into the air!

So when the Bunny ad launched last week, I was shocked. I too, loved it. I watched it a few times. I was struck by the flawless execution and, as a fellow longtime fan of the Stones, I even got behind the more obvious track select.

But now this:


And this:

[And according to Geoff,  Cabral was also behind the Cadbury ad - - which Geoff believes came after this ad for ABC:]