Great Response to My Stuart Copeland Diss

In response to my recent entry in which I questioned Stuart Copeland's place in drumming history [full post here] ... a good friend of mine from New Jersey writes:

I take exception to your vilification of Stewart    Copeland.  While not a classic rock or punk drummer in the vein of     Peart, Charlie Benante, Carmine Appice, Keith Moon, Clem Burke, etc.,     Stewart's signature 3/3 time is an integral ingredient to the     unique sound and success of the Police.  The guy is an obnoxious     weirdo who fell off the face of the Earth after 1983,     but he certainly deserves a hint of respect for his     technique, commercial success and for inspiring God only knows how many     drummers to pick up the sticks.  You don't have to love     him, but the guy doesn't suck like Lars.  And, if     you are going to take the time to bash someone, at least spell his name     correctly. 

The last sentence is genius.  I'm nervous to see your reaction when you read my Mini-KISS tirade!

Moi Moi