Manchester United's Global Digital Plan

Saw this nugget in a few places, including PSFK.  From the Guardian:

"Manchester United is in talks with marketing groups including WPP, Publicis and Omnicom about an ambitious global strategic partnership to drive the club's digital fan base to 50 million users.

The club is in talks with four global companies - the fourth being McCann Worldgroup - with the aim of finding a partner to implement a five year plan to drive the club's global digital operation.

"We are a football club and a global brand, a media phenomenon, but at the moment we are not doing enough for our fans," the Manchester United group commercial director, Lee Daley, told"

This is why Manchester United is Manchester United and, for example, Chelsea FC is Chelsea FC.  Both stacked with great players, but likely that most people reading this post have never heard of the latter.  Man U is a global marketing juggernaut.

By the way, if you haven't seen Man U's Cristiano Ronaldo, watch the highlight video below.  Ronaldo is pretty much hated by everyone (including his teammates).  Probably because he is so young (22), never passes the ball and has a mullet.  But he is so good!