User Generated Overkill

OverkillI've got to agree with the Influx Insights blog on their recent post about User Generated Content Overkill.  [BTW ... I've disagreed with many of their posts, which is probably why I enjoy reading their blog].  The post discusses an article in Marketing Daily that details Applebee's attempt to get into  the UGC game.  The article begins ...

"APPLEBEE'S IS THE LATEST CASUAL-DINING chain to lend new meaning to "consumer-generated content."   

The company is launching a program aligned to its relationship with The Food Network and celebrity chef Tyler Florence that gives consumers a chance to design a new menu item on the Applebee's menu. The effort follows a similar program by Wendy's, which is running a promotion that encourages people to design a burger from a broad range of ingredients and dangles $25,000."

I don't mean to pick on Applebee's ... in fact I think that of all the players in their category they are doing it right [particularly I think their tie-in with chef Tyler Florence hits the mark].  They just happen to be a good example.  Truth is, this program was probably sold into them by one of their agencies.

Anyone seen any really bad examples lately of UGC overkill?