The Evolution of Creative Artists Agency

Picture_1_2Interesting read recently in the New York Times about Creative Artists [AKA CAA ... the talent agency juggernaut].   It talks about the agency's evolution in a time when:

"... new technology would combine to create growth even as the recording industry faltered, television networks fractured and studios clamped down on costs."

CAA is probably both a really interesting and really screwy place to work right now.  All at once they are dealing with the issues that the music industry has yet [!] to tackle; figuring out how to package TV shows that will be attractive to advertisers despite the evidence that viewers are leading a 'Tivo' lifestyle; trying to understand the issues that cable narrowcasting presents; and dealing with skyrocketing film production costs.  Just another day at the office for Lovett, Huvane, Light, Lourd, Nicita and O’Connor.

Read the article here.