Digital Agencies Grab a Bigger Piece of the Pie

Thepie460PR Blogger points to an article in Marketing Week that discusses the trend of digital agencies taking a bite out of traditional agency business.  The article points to the case of eBay, which last week:

"Appointed self-professed "integrated agency" Albion to handle its advertising highlights.  In this case, eBay rejected the overtures of shops famed for their television ads such as Mother and WCRS in favour of an agency that promises to use the internet as lead medium."

For me it boils down to this ... for traditional agencies to compete for talent, business and respect in a 2.0 world -- against 2.0 agencies -- they must raze long-standing institutional silos, decentralize decision-making, operate with a sense of measured fearlessness and do so with speed.  Easy to say, tough to execute.  But when the alternative is extinction ...