Where Have You Gone, Bow Tie?

I went to an incredible black tie affair last night.  Downtown Chicago.  Saturday night.  One of the swankiest venues in town.  A very classy bride and groom.  A bride and mother-in-law in the wedding planning business.  Needless to say, the party was done to the nines.  Maybe the best I've ever seen.  So I was shocked to find that of 200 guests [~100 men] only 9 or 10 of us wore a proper bow tie.

Guys ... do yourselves a favor.  Next time the occasion calls for black tie ... get a proper haircut, an understated pair of cuff-links, shine your shoes, watch the video below.  Trust me ... the bow tie will make you stand out from the crowd.  Some times things are 'traditional' for a reason -- because they drip with class. 

Anyone have other examples of dying traditions in need of resurrection?