What Makes a Good Client

The Life is Marketing Blog has a post titled 'What Makes a Good Advertising Client.'  Some highlights ...

  1. Choose the right agency for you in the first place.
  2. Understand how agencies work.
  3. Agree on what you're trying to accomplish.
  4. Trust each other.
  5. Know your limitations.
  6. Understand advertising.
  7. Understand your product.  
  8. Respect time.
  9. Understand the money.
  10. If you treat your agency like clerks, you'll get the shelves restocked--and not much else.

It's a good list [read the full post here].  For me [and I have experience on both sides] it boils down to this ... If you are going to pay a lot of $ to engage an agency, then (1) Commit the proper resources to managing the agency (2) Commit to establishing an internal process for how to interface with the agency (3) Understand [and communicate internally] the agency's role.

Office_space [Photo has nothing to do with this post ... just came across it and it made me laugh.]