Apple Brand vs. Carrier Brands

This Adweek article [Rivals Prepare for iPhone Debut, May 27] discusses the coming launch of the iPhone, and the resulting competitive response in the mobile marketplace. 

In the piece the iPhone is referred to as "Apple's iPhone" whereas the the rest of the article refers only to the operators' brands ...

"During the same period, T-Mobile unveiled its own version of the iPhone, called the Wing. The Internet-enabled, WiFi equipped device retails for $299 with rebates. Not to be outdone, Verizon executives said in published reports that they would unveil a new WiFi mobile phone in late summer."

Until a few weeks ago I worked for Nokia.  I was always very proud of Nokia's historically firm stance on retaining its own brand identity under tremendous pressure from mobile operators to strip the Nokia logo from its phones.  It's the reason that Nokia is Interbrand's 6th Best Global Brand.  It's also the reason I am cheering for the iPhone's success ... it's nice to see brands like Nokia and Apple stand up for what they believe.

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