Pitching Bloggers

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As a current blogger and soon-to-be public relations professional I'm increasingly interested in exploring the relationship between PR agencies and bloggers as journalists | promotional outlets | sources of information | subject matter experts | etc.  In the course of my research I came across a post on the Fusion PR blog featuring a few rules that agencies should keep in mind when pitching bloggers; and also 3 banners [above] that bloggers can use to signal their interest level in receiving such pitches.

Rules like the ones below [taken from Fusion PR blog post] are so obvious ... or perhaps they aren't.  These rules [or the philosophy behind them] were ingrained into me during my time at Electric
... and I've carried them through all my marketing work since.

I wonder if Duncan Watts disagrees with the 1st suggestion ...

  1. The email you send is clearly sent to me and not to a list.
  2. You yourself (or members of the company you represent) actively and thoughtfully blog.
  3. If you keep sending us rubbish, we won't read your pitches any more.
  4. Don't use the comments section on our blogs to blatantly promote your or your client's products. It REALLY pisses us off. You have been warned.

By the way ... if anyone has any suggestions for good PR industry blogs please send them my way.