Required Reading by John Tierney

Very short article by John Tierney from 5/22 New York Times.  It's a lighthearted look at Tierney's need for spam filters against his friends' email.  But in the process he raises some very interesting points that all marketers should pay attention to.  To quote a few passages:

"Technology now lets us tell everyone everything at once, but we stillvalue a network that existed before the Web: the grapevine. When you pass along gossip to a friend or colleague, you’re doing more than just relaying news. You’re defining a social circle."

"I’m glad to see a joke or an article that they picked out for me, but not one that they blasted to everyone in their address book."

"Every message incorporates another message in the way it is delivered, whether it’s an e-mail or a ransom note pinned to an ear."

"That’s the kind of signal I’ve started looking for in the e-mail messages from my friends-turned-spammers — some recognition that I’m more than just a Contact. I’m trying filters that distinguish letters with a small display of netiquette, like having my name somewhere besides the address line. I’m not looking for a long personal note. It’s the metanotification that counts."

This is basic stuff ... this thinking should be hygienic by this point.  Read the article here.  And read a somewhat related previous post here about Duncan Watts' Big Seed Marketing concept.