Lee Jeans 'Come Clean' Campaign

Someone turned me on to this yesterday.  Lee Jeans Australia is running a very clever viral campaign.  It's pretty involved [yet somehow very simple]:

Users that log on to a Lee Jeans Australia site are given the chance to expose a friend's secret.  In a very simple and quick process [60 seconds], you upload a photo and write a short description of the friend's secret.  The information is cleverly weaved in to a video template that is then uploaded to a seemingly real video blog site [complete with a message board, fake ads, etc.].  The exposee [if that's a word] is informed that their secret has been exposed via a very clever email that appears to have circulated for a while before reaching the exposee.

I made a video about myself to illustrate [with the character Kelly Leak, of Bad News Bears Fame, playing the role of my friend who has exposed my secret].  You can check it out by clicking here.  Screenshots of video site and email below.