To DVR or not to DVR


Since I've my wife had my our son my television consumption has gone way down.  I rarely, if ever, get to watch a show in real time.  I DVR Heroes, 24, The Office and The Sopranos.  Anything else I watch is totally serendipitous.  But for some reason I'm very optimistic that Henry will be asleep by 8pm tonight, allowing me to watch either 24 or Heroes live.  So what to do?  I was leaning towards 24 until I turned on my computer this morning and signed in to My Yahoo.  Throughout the entire day I've been greeted with a banner counting down the time until tonight's Heroes episode.  And it worked -- I've decided to watch it and DVR 24.  Who cares?  Well I'm guessing that the advertisers who paid for spots during Heroes probably care quite a bit.