Bands & Brands

Someone sent me this article from The Hollywood Reporter which talks about how developing bands are increasingly turning to alternative promotional vehicles to get their music heard above the din.  I'm pretty surprised that this article needs to be written in 2007 [note: I'm not commenting on the quality of the writing, but rather that the subject matter is still considered newsworthy].

On what do I base my surprise?  The excerpt below is from a business plan I wrote in 2003.  And certainly there must have been others thinking this way well before that.  So my question is, how has the evolution of thinking on this topic only progressed a minuscule amount in a 4 year period???

In my words from 2003 ...

The right brand associated with the right up-and-coming band can be an incredibly powerful promotional vehicle for both parties. Now is the time to take advantage of opportunities in the music industry.

Up-and-coming artists are attractive because they are ...

... Authentic – Popularity hasn’t peaked, and consumers want to be a part of the “discovery” process

... Affordable – Less $ than a superstar act.

... Available – They need your support


The equation is simple ...

[declining record sales from established acts] + [increased clutter] = [shrinking support for developing bands]


[brands with a renewed interest in leveraging music to reach their consumers]