Blue Shield is Listening to You

Blue Shield of California set up confessional booths [in several California cities] for regular people to stick their head into and talk all about issues concerning their insurance.  Then they took clips of those confessionals and put them up on this microsite.

I like the idea for a few reasons: [1] The fact that Blue Shield is soliciting consumer feedback and then sharing that feedback is encouraging [2] It's a creative and contextual way to get into the user-generated-content game [3] The site is simple, to the point and the "floating head" visual [see below and go to the site] is visually interesting. notes: Wayne Best, executive creative director at Taxi, says "Some people went to areas where even Blue Shields's lawyers didn't feel comfortable. They were very excited to have an outlet; it gave them a forum to actually vent."  It'd be easy to raise questions about a marketer trumping up criticisms of its own practices, but Best says the changing corporate culture at Blue Shield stands to broaden from the honesty let loose as much as consumers do in getting the impression Blue Shield is listening.