My Un-Branded Son

If I make a choice to dress my 3-month old son [Henry] in only logo-free clothes, does that make me any different than the father who dresses his newborn in a Ramones t-shirt?  We've both made choices for our children that will affect the way the world perceives them.   

When I first sat down to write this post I was ready to take the following position:  By dressing Henry in a white t-shirt, blue jeans and striped windbreaker I am, in effect, presenting the world the 'tabula rasa' version of Henry.  And that the father of the Ramones child is attempting to make some a statement to the world about his [the father's] sensibility through his child.

And then I asked myself:  Does it make any difference if the logo is on the outside [Ramones] or inside [as is the case of the windbreaker, which is from Petit Bateau]?  And I quickly came to the conclusion that it most certainly does not.  To be honest I was very pleased with the Petit Bateau purchase - something about it made me feel good about who I am.  Probably the same way the other father felt when he bought the t-shirt.

And then I thought about how this applies to me.  Save the occasional Swoosh on my exercise clothes and my Chicago Bears/Cubs hats, I rarely wear anything with a logo.  But don't take that to mean that I don't admire, appreciate and aspire to own certain  brands.  Just ask my wife about how I obsessed over the Paul Smith tuxedo at Harvey Nichols [she finally talked me in to buying it].  Does anyone at the wedding know I'm wearing Paul Smith?  No.  Am I convinced my choice conveys  something about who I am to everyone in the room?  For sure.  Do I feel like a million bucks?  Without a doubt.