Product Creation: Half-Caf in a Can?

I drink a ton of coffee.  Too much.  About a year ago I started mixing regular and decaf coffee at home for my morning brew.  I'm not the only one doing this ... every time I'm at Starbucks someone [if not a majority of people] orders a 'half-caf' something or other.  OK - consumer need and behavior established.  Insight would be something to the effect of: Coffee drinkers love the taste of coffee and many enjoy the  benefits of caffeine; but too much caffeine can be undesirable over the course of the day [not my finest work, but you get the point].

So why is it that when I went to my local grocery store yesterday there were no 'half-caf' alternatives in a can?  And I found nothing of the sort at our online grocer [Fresh Direct].  Yes, it's easy enough to find 'half-caf' blends at gourmet stores, Starbucks and elsewhere.  My point is that there's no out-of-the-box [or out-of-the-can] option available at the average grocery store.

And can you imagine the marketing campaign playing out in the streets, online and in print:  A juxtaposition of Wally Wired [caffeine drinker] vs. Mary Moper [decaf drinker].  Hilarity would surely ensue.

Do you get the feeling that new product creation has been over-complicated [I'll reserve my theory as to why this is the case.  Needless to say it has to do with money]?  This seems so simple to me.  Feel free to shoot holes in it.