Un-Branded Orange Store

About a year ago I was fortunate enough to have a few hours to kill in London.  Despite having visited London many times over the years, I was interested in venturing a bit off the beaten path.  A trusted colleague recommended that I visit the un-branded Orange store in Notting Hill [editor's note: Yes, I realize Notting Hill is hardly 'unbeaten' - not the point of the story].  Orange is a mobile operator in the UK.  If you find yourself in London, make a point of visiting the store.  The sales people [and I hesitate to call them that because they are more like product experts] will engage you in endless conversation, demos of devices you won't find in the US and, if you're one of the fortunate, will take your photo with a camera phone and tack it to the wall [editor's note: I was not one of the fortunate].  And besides all that, the design of the store is wonderfully refreshing and contextual to the neighborhood.  I went back a few weeks ago and was happy to find it was just as interesting the second time around.

Orange Store: 201 Westbourne Grove, W11 [Tube: Notting Hill Gate]

[photo below courtesy of Cool Hunting]