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Wow - honestly, that Bing commercial may say the great things about the product but I found it noisy and distracting. I had a hard time catching the main points of using it.

Google Wins in my opinion.

Generally, its one big audience pool. By brand, however, very different audience segments. I very much favor the IE9 ad, but I have a feeling that you and I differ on this one...

Ralphie making his commenting debut! Get it on!

Yes, we differ on this. But that's what makes these debates fun.

The crazy thing is the Chrome ad boils down to "the Web = Google" and the IE9 ad is "the Web = the Web". the Google ad is the better ad, from a storytelling standpoint, but its message is as horrifying as any late 90s embrace/extend/extinguish Microsoftian nightmare.

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