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Thanks for helping us grow, Ian - as a practice and individually. We'll mess you, but of course wish you the best.

Knock 'em dead, eh?

Thanks Blake Show. Would expect nothing less from you than total class and graciousness. You rock.

You'll be missed Ian! You are a great thought leader and tan guy on our team ;-)

Oh, Ian, we'll miss you. But remember the little people when you turn that thing into a multi-national juggernaut. (Remember us especially when you need social media help). All the best.

Beep boop. This makes me a sad robot.

It kills me to type this: bye, Anh. You'll be missed.

Will miss you Ian. Know this next adventure will be a positive experience...will watch as you grow this brand...keep in touch.

Good luck with everything, sir.

Congratulations, Ian. Best of luck.

Good for you. How can Tap Me's not be a success with you on the team.

I look forward to a mobile game version of ToGoNuts.

Glad to have met you. Wish you the best.

Fantastic news, man. Tap.me's lucky to have you!

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