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hi, nice post and nice to find another ogilvy blogger - thought you might enjoy this one:
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Of course the other, simpler response would be, "It's my job, fool." But then you wouldn't have worked in the birdwatching zinger.

I think the last point is the most important. You may even want to a a little about evolution, you know evolve or die out.

If some of these people work with you, this just underscores the disconnect between PR agencies and the sort of skills their staff needs to have to be successful in social media marketing.

Also, people who ask questions like that usually aren't good at managing their own time, whereas people who have more commitments and obligations are better at time management, and more effective at delivering on things they've committed to do. Don't bother justifying yourself to them.


This question drives me nuts too.

Personally, it's something I enjoy doing just like any other hobby.

Professionally, I think you are not doing your job as a communications professional in 2008 if you're not participating in social media and understanding this new channel. That's not to say everyone needs to go jump on Twitter - but at least get into Social Readia and start keeping your finger on the pulse.

Nice post Ian. My girlfriend still thinks I'm a complete geek, but perhaps if I print your post onto a t-shirt, that will answer any future queries... probably establishing my girlfriend's presupposed opinion in the meantime... oh well, jocks rule school, geeks rule the world!
Added to the blogroll. Tim

Its all about prioritizing what you enjoy. The "I don't have time for this stuff" comments drive me bananas.

There was an interview with Sting a few years ago where he said that making time to do 2 hours of yoga daily has allowed him to accomplish more every day. I feel that way about blogging - making the time to do it forces me to be relentless in getting the read of my act together.

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